The University of Hong Kong & Hong Kong Housing Authority International Conference 2013 “Construction and Housing in the 21st Century”

02-03 May 2013


The quality, affordability and availability of housing are key concerns in today’s society. However, construction and housing projects are complex in nature and many aspects, including economic, project management, procurement, innovative technology, sustainability and more impact o the success of projects. The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to present research findings, case studies and best practice to both academics and practitioners in the housing and construction industries, in a way that facilitates in-depth knowledge exchange, enhances project performance and co-creates a strong and successful construction and housing industry. For the details of conference, please click here.

Event Date: 02 – 03 May 2013
Venue: LE Meridien Cyberport, Hong Kong
Organizers: Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Housing Authority