The 7th International VM Conference – “Why Re-Invent the wheel”

02-03 Jun 2005


“The World of Innovation” has been adopted as the main title for the first time this year, the highly successful Hong Kong Institute of Value Management Limited (HKIVM) International Conference extends its remit to the Asia Pacific region and also aims to draw in new industries to participate in what promises to be a major business and educational event. The Convention invites you to come along and stretch your perceptions and explore the potential of applying Value Management, Risk Management and Partnering within your organization or business. Our Conference covers all aspects of organizations, including hard and soft issues, ranging from premises, facilities, designs, systems, production, procurement, supply and delivery, and human resource management. For the Conference details, please click here.


Event Date: 02 -03 June 2005
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
Organizers: Hong Kong Institute of Value Management Limited (HKIVM)
The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS)