Seminar – Function Identification

25 Jul 2007


Today, technical knowledge and professional qualification seems only an entry ticket for Building Professionals. They have to learn and develop various valued-added management skills in this competitive world.

A no. of formal documents (WTBC16/1998, Tang2001, WTBC35/2002) strongly recommended a wider adoption of VM techniques in order to achieving an excellence in the quality of construction products.

In this seminar, the speaker introduced A Logical Value Management Technique: “Function Identification” and its application. For the details of seminar, please click here. For the photos of seminar, please click here.


Speaker: Dr. Mei-yung LEUNG, Assistant Professor, Department of Building and Construction, City University of Hong Kong
Organizers: Hong Kong Institute of Value Management Limited (HKIVM)
The City University of Hong Kong
The Institute of Maintenance and Building Management (HK Branch)