Seminar 2: Value Management in Developing Country – Sri Lanka

Guest Speaker :

Prof. Chitra Weddikkara


President, Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors

Past President,f IQSSL

Venue : Chiang Chen Studio, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Language : English
Date : 30th November 2018
Time : 19:30 – 22:00

Prof. Chitra Weddikkara gave a brief introduction of project management in Sri Lanka to the participants.  Four categories are considered in the management process for Sri Lanka construction project: economics, political, cultural and demographic.  An effective project planning can enhance project performance, but it involves a lot of challenges for developing world to manage a construction project.


In Sri Lanka, the growing construction industry involves a lot of issues.  Extra effort must be given to the training, planning, resource scheduling and some other available tools.  Value Engineering is well recognized as a technique in the project management, which can help improve the working efficiency and the product quality.  In conclusion, the seminar conveyed the message of the importance of Value Engineering for solving problems and maintaining performance and quality of construction projects.



Prof. Chitra Weddikkara

Professor Chitra Weddikkara has been an internationally renowned personality in the Construction sector, and is the former dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Moratuwa Sri-Lanka.


In addition to be a professor of building economics, she is also a chartered architect, a chartered quantity surveyor, a project manager, a president of the International Chapter of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, a past president of IQSSL, and a visiting external examiner.


Summary of Content

  • Introduction
    • What is a Project?
  • What is Project Management?
    • Project Management Cycle
      • Phase 1: Project Initiation
      • Phase 2: Project Planning
      • Phase 3: Project Execution
      • Phase 4: Project Performance /Monitoring
      • Phase 5: Project Closure
    • Project Leadership
    • Monitoring of Progress
  • What is Construction Planning?
  • Project Management Plan
  • Implementation of a Project by the Project Manager
  • Project Management in developing countries
  • Managing projects in a developing world
  • Construction in Sri Lanka
  • Value Engineering in Project Management
  • Conclusion