One-Day Mock Workshop Demonstrating All Steps of the Value Methodology

07 May 2015


A typical VM workshop conducted in the United States will take 5 days, but Hong Kong clients generally only allow 1 day to conduct the workshops. To meet this limited time, the detailed processes have been trimmed down to the bare minimum. We have specially invited James BOLTON, PE, CVS®-Life, PVM, FSAVE, Presi. dent of SAVE International®, to conduct a one-day mock workshop to see how best we can get from that one day. The workshop was successfully conducted on 07 May 2015. For the details of workshop. please click here.

Instructor: Mr. James BOLTON, PE, CVS®-Life, PVM, FSAVE, President of SAVE International®
Date: 07 May 2015
Venue: Garden Room, United Services Recreation Club, 1 Gascoigne Road, King’s Park, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Organizers: Hong Kong Institute of Value Management Limited [HKIVM]
SAVE International