Mindfulness for Stress Reduction – A Mini-workshop on 15 June, 2024 (Sat) 10:00-15:30

FREE Introduction to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction — Metamorphose Yoga


Construction professionals often need to work under pressure for completing tasks within a short period as accurate as possible, which definitely influences our decision making, personal health, working performance, interrelationships and the family.  This Mindfulness training was established at the University of Massachusetts in the USA.  It focuses on the experiential cultivation of both ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ mindfulness practices as a foundation for the cultivation of positive health behaviors and psychological and emotional resiliencies that can be effectively utilized across the adult life span.  The approach supports our decisions in the work and daily life, and strengthens and integrates a range of mindfulness-based self-regulatory skills through the development and refinement of inherent internal resources.  For more details, please click here

Quota: 20 persons (first come first served basis)

Organizers : Hong Kong Institute of Value Management (HKIVM)

Gathering Time: 09:45 am
Venue:  香港女童軍總會新德倫山莊 (大潭黃泥涌峽道141號)
Fee:  Free of charge
What you need to bring?
  1. Yoga mat (瑜伽蓆)
  2. Simple lunch & drinking water


Enrolment :
Please enrol by clicking the registration form (successful registration will be notified by email).

*Closing date for enrolment: 10 Jun 2024 (Monday)

For enquiry, please e-mailto promotion@hkivm.org