PASS Project – Interactive Workshop: Indepth dialogues on VM practices in different countries

Ir. Paco Tsang, Hong Kong (Information phase)
Dr. Mei-yung Leung, Hong Kong (Analysis phase)
Ir. Lillian Chan, Hong Kong (Creative phase)
Sr. Ricky Wong, Hong Kong (Evaluation phase)
Mr. Hein B.A. de Jong, Netherlands (Development phase)
Venue Metropark Kowloon Hotel, 1/F, Metropark Room I
Language English
Date 30 June, 2019
Time 09:00 – 17:30

The workshop was divided into 5 phases, including information phase, function analysis phase, creativity phase, evaluation phase and development phases. Participants were divided into 5 groups in order to focus on different regions (Hong Kong, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and Philippines, Iran and Malaysia). Facilitators encouraged participants to share and discuss the current situation of VM, and further conduct creative or effective ideas through the team decision making practice. Participants were able to present their ideas at the end of workshop.

               Pictures of the facilitators


Ir. Paco Tsang, President, HKIVM
BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering, MSc (Construction Management), MICE, MHKIE, MIEAust, AVS, Certified VM Facilitator, MCIArb, MHKIAC, MHKMAAL Accredited Mediator

Ir. Tsang graduated from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK with a degree in Civil Engineering, and was also awarded a Master Degree in Construction Management by the City University of Hong Kong. He has over thirty years’ experience in the field of construction engineering. Ir. Tsang is a Chartered Civil Engineer, and also has substantial experience in teaching courses for numerous organizations including Home Affairs Department, St. James Settlement, Boys and Girls, Vocational Training Council, Buildings Department, Chinese University, Hong Kong Nurse Association, Hong Kong Police Force etc. He has been working as a facilitator to carry out value management workshops for Housing Departments and other private sectors. Ir. Tsang is the President of the Hong Kong Institute of Value Management, and was a President of the Hong Kong Mediation Centre.

Dr. Mei-yung Leung, Immediate Past President, HKIVM

Dr. Leung is a Fellow Member, a council member, and a List A Facilitator of HKIVM. She has conducted a number of VM and partnering workshops in Hong Kong and the USA. Dr. Leung has attracted over HK$ 20 million for various research projects, and published over 150 refereed publications in international journals and conferences. She has received a number of international awards, including Tony Toy Memorial Award issued by the HKIVM, Thomas D. Snodgrass Value Teaching Award issued by the SAVE international in the USA, Academic Excellence Awards issued by the Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors, Academia Best Paper Award issued by the Miles Value Foundation in the USA, and Teaching Excellence Award issued by the CityU. Dr. Leung was also a senior Fulbright Scholar at the Pennsylvania State University and the University of Southern California in the USA in 2014-15.

Ir. Lillian Chan, Secretary, HKIVM

Ir. Lillian Chan is the Secretary of the Hong Kong Institute of Value Management (HKIVM). She is a List B facilitator of HKIVM since 2015 and has over 10 years’ experience as a lead facilitator in the delivery of over 300 workshops for partnering programs, risk and value management workshops for Hong Kong and Singapore project teams.

Sr. Ricky Wong, Council Member, HKIVM

After acquired his B.Bldg in University of South Australia, Sr. Ricky Wong has been working in quantity surveying for 20 years, specialized in E&M and building services installations and has coped with pre- and post-contract functions in various sizable projects in both private and public sectors. In recent years, he has started to develop in Value Management and is currently a council member of HKIVM.

Mr. Hein B. A. de Jong, Netherlands
BSc, MBA, Trainer Value Management PVM, CVS
Partner in Value FM Value Engineers

Hein has a broad interest in technology in general and in the interaction to deal with it in complex processes where stakeholders are involved with different views like architecture, maintenance engineers, design engineers, suppliers and contractors. He aims for good teamwork and proper integral design to achieve operational excellence and beauty, in phases of initiating, designing, execution and delivery.
Hein integrates Value Engineering in business- and project- management techniques and skills, System Engineering, Best Value Procurement, Business Engineering and Knowledge Management.
Since August 2012, Hein is working full time within Value FM, an independent Dutch Value Engineering Consultancy. Becoming and being a full time value manager is for Hein a logical consequence of his competences, experiences and interests.

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