Improving VM Practice via International VM Study Practice and Qualification System (PSDAS 2006-2-3)

01 Apr 2009


The current project aims to improve VM practice, including both study process and qualification system, for construction professionals in HK, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the construction professionals in a regional context. Through the project, five international seminars, three full-day workshops, and a study to review the local and international study processes and qualification systems of VM practice were successfully conducted. To disseminate the fruitful results of the project, a VM website containing the information about all VM activities held has been established.


Speakers: Dr. Roy BARTON, Australia
Dr. Steve KIRK, USA
Dr. Mei-yung LEUNG, Hong Kong
Ms. Laurie DENNIS, USA
Mr. Ken Scott, Europe
Organizers: Hong Kong Institute of Value Management Limited (HKIVM)
The City University of Hong Kong
Supporting Organization: ITB, HKSAR