Value Management in Construction Projects along the B&R Regions, 14 Dec 2021


14 December 2021



Since the Belt and Road (B&R) initiative has been proposed in 2013, 140 countries and 31 international institutes have joined this attractive strategy.  It encourages international cooperation in building mega-scale infrastructure projects in targeting regions, which creates a highly dynamic and competitive environment for their construction industries.  It is not uncommon that various difficulties (e.g., unclear clients’ expectations and project goals, poor team coordination, destructive conflict, etc.) happens in construction projects along the B&R regions.  Illogical traditional team decision-making methodologies are inefficient to resolve those problems and consequently result in project failure (e.g., dissatisfaction, low project performance, etc.).  Therefore, it is necessary to find out effective decision-making methodologies for managing complicated mega-projects in regions along the B&R.

Value Management (VM) is an organized team decision-making methodology to achieve the best value of the project with a logical and step-by-step job plan.  It has been used in several developed regions (e.g., Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherland, Austria, South Korea, etc.) and developing regions (e.g., Malaysia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.) along the B&R.  A seminar will be conducted by Dr. Xiaoyi WEI to share her insight about the application of VM and traditional team decision-making in different regions along the B&R and the best VM practice for maximizing project outcomes in their construction projects.

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Dr. Xiaoyi WEI

BSc, PhD ;  Membership Director, HKIVM

Dr. Xiaoyi WEI joined HKIVM as a member in April 2019 and currently is the membership director.  During her Ph.D. period (2018-2021), she focused on the topic of value management in construction projects along the Belt and Road Regions.  In 2019, She won the “University Challenge Award” issued by the SAVE international.  Before her Ph.D. career, she was an auditor in charge of auditing budget and settlement of construction projects.


Date: 14 December 2021    12:45-14:00 (Hong Kong Time)
Venue: Online
Event Fee: Free of Charge
Language: English
Organizer: Hong Kong Institute of Value Management (HKIVM)
CPD Hours:

1.25 Hour

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