Membership is open to individuals who have active and genuine interest in the promotion and applications of Value Management. The Institute’s membership is made up of two different classifications and their requirements are as follows:

Honorary Fellow (HFHKIVM)

Those persons who in the opinion of the Council have rendered outstanding service to the Institute or those persons who by reason of either their position or experience or eminence in their profession may be enabled to render assistance in promoting the objectives of the Institute may, by invitation of the Council, be elected as Honorary Fellows.

Retired Member (RMHKIVM)

Those Fellows or Members who are older than 60 and no longer practitioners in VM facilitation may, on application by a simple letter, be classified as Retired Members.

Fellow (FHKIVM)

The Institute may, from time to time, nominate those who have great contribution to the institute and / or of international reputation in VM to join the institute as fellow.


Members of the following qualification are eligible to apply for fellowship:

  1. 5 year full membership of HKIVM
  2. Has achieved positions of responsibility, and has brought superior knowledge and practice in VM discipline
  3. Substantial contribution to the VM profession in general, and
  4. Substantial contribution to the Institute (e.g., acting as council member or supporting the operation of the Institute).

Member (MHKIVM)

This classification is available to individuals who can demonstrate a significant level of knowledge and experience in the field of Value Management.


For admission, details on the Application Form are to be completed with a copy of CV outlining professional employment, experiences and value management knowledge and experience. Applicants should provide details of VM training, application and techniques in VM process, number of VM studies, types of VM studies, role in VM process, duration and dates of VM workshop, etc. for assessment by the Institute.

Associate Member (AHKIVM)

The Associate Member classification is available to any individual who can demonstrate interest in the objectives of HKIVM, but may not have gained sufficient Value Management experience to qualify as a Member. Once Associate Members have obtained sufficient exposure to and experience of Value Management, they are encouraged to apply for full membership.

Student Member

All full time students who have interest in Value Management are welcome to apply.

Membership Benefits


The Institute will organize activities of various kinds to provide its members with opportunities for sharing knowledge and experience on regular basis, including CPD programs, seminars, VM Module I and Module II training programs, etc.


Members of the Institute will receive Newsletters which are published by the Institute on regular basis

Facilitators' Lists

The Institute maintains lists of Value Management Facilitators for public and private clients in Hong Kong and overseas. Value management facilitators who want to be listed MUST BE members of the Institute.

Co-Facilitation Opportunities

The Institute also maintains a list of eligible full members who want to have the opportunity to co-facilitate workshops to become listed Facilitators eventually.

Free Promotion

If members want to conduct workshop and/or seminar, the Institute can announce the relevant information for free on its website.


The Institute offers its members discounted registration fees for events organized by the Institute, such as conferences, seminars, trainings, etc.

Application for Membership

If you are interested in joining the HKIVM, please download and return the membership application form to our Membership Secretary at

Membership Director
Ms. Xiaoyi WEI


7/F, Greatmany Centre, 111 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Find a Member

As of 9 August 2022, members who have paid their annual subscriptions up to year 2022 and would like to be listed here:

Membership No.TitleLast Name / SurnameFirst NameGrade
104Prof.ShenQi Ping, GeoffreyFellow
172Prof Dr.StevensDavid RichardFellow
215Mr. Clifford Bryan ThomasFellow
221Mr.FokKam HimFellow
222Mr.WrightJulian RobertMember
226Mr.TsangPing Chiu, PacoMember
244Mr.TseChi Kin, KennyMember
248Mr.ChauHau Shun, AlexAssociate Member
254Mr.ChangChung ToMember
259Ms.KwokWai BingMember
274Mr.WongYu On, ThomasMember
277Mr. LeungKing ChiMember
278Mr.GoughHenry (Harry)Retired Member
284Mr. Kwan Kai Ming, JosephMember
286Mr.TangKi CheungFellow
290Mr.LaiKwok Pan, BenMember
293Mr. CheungLok ManMember
294Mr.HoChin Choi, JosephMember
305Mr.LauHeung Wing, JosephMember
313Mr.WongKin-pong, LewisMember
316Ms.ChanL. Y. LillianMember
319Mr.Chai Chee YoongMember
321Ar.ChauKwun TongMember
324Mr.WongYik Shun, RickyMember
326Dr.TanShui Lun, AlanMember
331Ms.LeeYin Fun, CarmenMember
336Mr.LeiHo Man, EricMember
338Mr.ChakChon Chi, StanleyMember
339Ms.LoYik Woon, AnnieMember
340Mr.HoHon Ying, LewisMember
349Mr.AuTak KongMember
355Mr.LiuChun LokMember
356Sr.ChuSiu Fan, AnnieMember
357Mr.WuKam Fai, JoeMember
360Ms.WongSze Man, MancyMember
362Mr.ChanTak ChuenMember
363Ms.ChowHo Yan, JoannaMember
364Mr.ChanChing Hoi, FelixMember
366Mr.SunSiu Kei, PatrickMember
367SrCheungKwan Hang, KirkMember
370Mr.WongKam HeiMember
371Ms.LamChing YiuMember
373Mr.FanTsz YeungMember
377Mr.YeungSai KuenMember
379Mr.ChanTin Chu, KennyMember
382Mr.LamChun Kit, LeoMember
383Mr.LauAlbert Siu KitMember
384Ms.NgSze Wai, ElvinaMember
385Mr.SoTsz Kin, JasonMember
386SrTongYee HangMember
387Dr.YongFelicia Yan YanMember
388Ms.LeungWing YanMember
389Ms.ChanCheuk Lam GloriaMember
390Dr.NgPui LamMember
392Mr.TanKian Kiong DavidMember
393Ms.YuHon Ping, CandiceMember
394Mr.YipTsin Hang, LarryMember
395Mr.OJOLekan DamilolaMember
396Mr.ChanYat Ho, ChrisMember
397Ms.Sun Wai Sum, EdithAssociate Member