Hong Kong Institute of Value Management Limited (HKIVM)

Hong Kong Institute of Value Management Limited (HKIVM) was formally established in 1995. HKIVM is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to the promotion of the use of Value Management in Hong Kong. Value Management (VM) as a philosophy, together with its associated tools and techniques, emphasizes the need to consider function and cost in a structured and systematic way, as part of any strategic decision process. Over the past 19 years, the HKIVM has hosted ten international conferences, conducted a number of value training workshops, its members have conducted hundreds of highly successful VM studies for both public and private construction industry clients and regularly published the Newsletter.

Our Vision
  • To become recognized as the focal point for knowledge and expertise in enhancing the value of projects, products, processes & services.
HKIVM's Aims
  • To create an awareness in the community of the benefits to be derived from the application of Value Management in Hong Kong.

  • To encourage the use of the Value Management process by sponsors.

  • To establish and maintain standards of Value Management practice in Hong Kong.

  • To contribute to the dissemination of the knowledge and skills of Value Management.

  • To establish an identity for the Institute within Hong Kong and overseas.

  • To encourage research and development of Value Management with particular emphasis on developing new applications of the process.

  • To encourage and assist in the education of individuals and organisations in Value Management in Hong Kong.

  • To establish and maintain a Code of Conduct for practitioners of Value Management in Hong Kong.

  • To attract membership of the Institute to support these objectives

Message from the President:

Dear Members,

It is my great honour to take up the president post of HKIVM for the term in year 2016. I have been serving the Institute in varies positions nearly ten years and I really treasured the time working with all the council members for the Institute. Given that all of our council members are unique and they are familiar with the VM techniques, they make use of the skills of VM to achieve our goal. They are also highly committed and willing to openly express their views to enhance the development of the Institute especially for Sr. KC Tang. I consider him as our honourable advisor and he dedicates and always gives us good advice for the development of the Institute. Dr. Mei Yung Leung, our immediate past President, also highly committed to the Institute and she continually attended our regular council meetings and guided us moving on the right track. We pledge to promote VM management to the society. With the support of Sr. KC Tang, Dr. Mei Yung Leung and all the other council members, I hope I could do well in leading the Institute stepping into a new decade...More

Last Updated: 23 January 2016